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LMAC News Release Jan 2011

LMAC Position on Livestock Traceability: dated Feb.2008

Whereas, the LMAC supports the principle of animal traceability for the benefit of animal health and world trade and

Whereas, LMAC member Markets are the single largest source of the co-mingling, movement and marketing of cattle
in Canada, and

Whereas livestock traceability is in its' infancy in Canada,

Therefore, be it Resolved that Agriculture and Agri Food Canada involve LMAC in all development activities
of the traceability program , and

Further, be it Resolved that Agriculture and Agri Food Canada develop a program that would grant 90% subsidies
for all hardware, software and infrastructure related to the cost of implementation
of readers required to read tags at Livestock Markets and

Further, be it resolved that Agriculture and Agri Food Canada budget for a reasonable per/animal operational cost related to the reading of all tags at Livestock Markets in Canada.

LMAC Letter Re: Tracibility March 2011

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